Utah Amber Alert Issued for Two Missing Utah Girls

Utah Amber Alert Issued for Two Missing Utah Girls
Photos supplied by the Davis County Child Abduction Response Team

CLINTON, Utah – A Utah Amber Alert has just been issued for two you children believed to have been take from their babysitters home in Clinton, Utah. Clinton is approximately 176 miles from Rock Springs.

According to a new release, Davis County officials said they believe the non-custodial parents, Christopher Christopher Montoya and Monica Martinez, allegedly showed up at a babysitters home under the influence of a controlled substance and took the children from the babysitter at about 3 p.m. without permission.

The girls — 11-month-old Cynthia Montoya and 3-year-old Marae Montoya — are in the custody of the state. They are endangered because the parents are believed to be under the influence, have mental health issues, have violent tendencies and are transient, according to a news release.

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The parents are believed to be driving a white four-door Cadillac sedan with Utah license plate E718JT.

The children are Hispanic. Cynthia was last seen wearing purple and white dot pajama pants and a white top. Marae was wearing cream colored leggings and a pink long-sleeve top with a picture on the front.

Monica Martinez was last seen wearing a black spaghetti-strap tank top, jeans that are a lighter blue, glasses and a rosary-type necklace. She has black hair that is about shoulder length.

Christopher Montoya was last seen wearing a red shirt and dark jeans. He is bald and has a large joker-style tattoo on the back of his head.

Anyone with information about the children’s whereabouts is asked to call Clinton Police Lt. Shawn Stoker at 801-451-4151.