Walk Across Wyoming Raising Funds for Good Causes

Walk Across Wyoming Raising Funds for Good Causes

ROCK SPRINGS — Have you ever wondered how long it might take to walk from say, San Diego, CA to El Paso, TX?

Well that’s exactly (well virtually anyway) what the Walk Across Wyoming group is doing this spring.

Walk Across Wyoming is the brainchild of Dominion Energy. It began as a company-only fundraiser, but soon became much bigger than that, according to Technical Specialist III Steve Leisch.

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“This started out as just a Dominion Energy event but has grown to include others in the community,” Leisch said. “We have had people from as far away as Arizona, New Mexico and even Hawaii participate.” 

The Way it Works

For the past several years Walk Across Wyoming has been doing virtual walks to promote fitness and raise money for good causes. This year the group chose the distance between San Diego and El Paso.

“I send out a weekly email requesting miles for the week,” Leisch said. “I add pictures and some information about the route we are taking. We walk for three months, and people send me their weekly “walking” miles.”

The group has online conversion tools so people can convert any activity to “walking” distances. Leisch then tabulates their miles and moves them along a Google map.

People can join Walk Across Wyoming for a nominal fee, and they money raised from the event has helped a number of organizations in Sweetwater County.

This spring the group donated $560 and food items to the local Food Bank.  This past Christmas it donated close to $500 to the Rock Springs Fire Department Toys for Kids. And last Christmas it donated to Toys for Kids and Toys for Tots. 

“We have done virtual walks and bike rides all over the globe,” Leisch said. “We have done a Ride across America (bike), Looking for the Lincoln Highway (walk) and a Christmas in Paris (walk from London to Paris) to name a few.

Where it Began

Leisch said most people use these events as motivation to get up off the couch during the cold winter months. 

“We got the idea for this from an event the Casper Tribune use to run many years ago,” he said. “They would hand out pedometers when you signed up and then take you along a route throughout Wyoming.”

If you’d like to participate in Walk Across Wyoming, call Leisch at the Dominion Energy office in Rock Springs at 307-352-7196.