#WATCH–Injury Prevention Resources Reminds You That Vehicles ARE weapons

Injury Prevention Resources recently shared a video asserting that vehicles are, quite literally, weapons.

In the video, IPR compared a vehicle to a bullet, stating that “the force of a 9mm bullet is 409 lbs.” The video compared that fact to another, involving a vehicle.

“In a crash with a stable object, at 30 miles per hour, a 100 lb. person produces 3,000 lbs. of force,” the video stated. “That means just a 30 mph car crash has a greater force than a 9mm gun.”

The video then noted that the force goes straight into whatever else is in front of a driver.

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“Simply wearing a seatbelt can lighten that force by over 50%,” the video posited. “Vehicle safety needs to be treated equally with firearm safety. Not wearing your seatbelt is like driving a loaded gun. Cars can take lives. Wear a seatbelt and save yours.”

The video then showed footage of different examples of car crashes, demonstrating how pivotal a seatbelt is when a crash occurs. The footage showed that wearing a seatbelt could save your life.

Watch video above to learn more about how vehicles are, in fact, weapons.

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Injury Prevention Resources began in 1991 as a traffic safety records collection agency and has been serving Wyoming for over two decades.  In the year 2000, we were recognized as a 501(C)3 non-profit agency which has allowed us to adapt to and recognize roadway safety needs that exist throughout Wyoming.  Injury Prevention Resources expanded our operations in order to help save lives in Carbon, Fremont, Natrona, Park, and Sweetwater Counties.  We continue to serve these areas with a specific goal in mind:  Zero Deaths and Zero Injuries on our roads.

Injury Prevention Resources (IPR) is a unique agency that is able to work on prevention, intervention, and upkeep, relevant to roadway safety subjects and community safety. Through our programs, we depict the relevance of community and roadway safety dangers to all ages throughout our communities. Our services range from child car seat and seat belt education for toddlers, to driving information for senior citizens.  IPR reaches all ages in order to place proper emphasis on the importance of roadway and community safety. Our agency has five main issues we work toward:

1.) Increasing seat belt use and drivers’ awareness of pedestrians
2. )Decreasing impaired driving
3.) Decreasing distracted driving
4.) Promoting the use of child car seats
5.) Assisting with reduction of Substance Abuse

IPR conducts a multitude of programs from Traffic Safety Events, Virtual Traffic Safety Sessions, DUI Supervised Probation, Alcohol Monitoring Bracelets, Remote Breathalyzer, and GPS Location Bracelets. IPR’s strategies are executed in order to educate others about the best practices for roadway safety and hold our community members accountable for actions that risk serious injury and endanger the lives of others. 

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