WATCH: The Consequences of a DUI

WATCH: The Consequences of a DUI

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Have you ever thought about all the consequences of a DUI? 

According to Injury Prevention Resources (IPR), you could lose your job, lose the potential for future jobs, pay over $10,000 in fees, be deemed a criminal, and more.

You could be on probation for two years, and if you drink during that time you could go back to jail.

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“You choose to drive drunk, you choose to deal with the consequences.”

IPR is dedicated to their mission of “zero deaths and zero injuries on our roads.” They say to practice the simple things to survive Wyoming roads like buckling up, driving attentively, and never driving impaired.

Watch this video to understand the full extent of the consequences you could face if you drive drunk:

“Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It’s not.” ~The Lorax

Help Us Save Lives on Wyoming Roads, Always Buckled and Never Drunk or Distracted. We have partnered with Injury Prevention Resources to bring awareness to Wyoming roadway safety, join us in saving lives.

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