Western’s Nursing Program Ranked No. 1 in Wyoming by Nursing Website

Western’s Nursing Program Ranked No. 1 in Wyoming by Nursing Website

ROCK SPRINGS — Western Wyoming Community College’s (Western) Nursing program was ranked No. 1 in Wyoming by NursingProcess.org.  

Western’s Nursing program is highly innovative and uses technology to assist in preparing students for practice. Simulation mannequins and technology give students the opportunity to practice complex nursing in a safe environment. Computerized exams prepare nurses to take the national licensing exam. The College’s Nursing graduate outcomes are high, with pass rates on the national licensing exam consistently scoring above both state and national averages.  

“We are very excited to be recognized as the top ADN program in Wyoming. Western’s Associate Degree in Nursing Program is a hybrid program which meets the needs of students across our vast service area in Southwestern Wyoming. Our nursing faculty are very innovative in providing high-quality nursing education to students in rural communities. With the support of our community partners, our students are able to take advantage of multiple clinical opportunities throughout our service area. We currently have  a 94.12 percent NCLEX first time pass rate, and a 92.5 percent program completion rate,” said Heidi Brown, Director of Nursing and School of Health Sciences and Wellness Chair.   

Graduates from Western’s program enjoy excellent employment rates, and satisfaction between graduates and employers is superior according to surveys the Nursing Department conducts eight months after graduation.  

“We applaud Western Wyoming Community College for its strong focus on providing quality training, thereby becoming one of the preferred destinations for nursing aspirants,” stated NursingProcess.org.  

NursingProcess.org is a website dedicated to bringing access to nursing education and career information throughout the United States. It serves to help students aspiring to pursue careers in healthcare and to provide information to allow students to make better choices about their career paths or to ensure smooth transitions from college to the workforce.  

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To learn more about Western’s nursing program or to apply, visit //westernwyoming.edu/nursing. Western has many scholarship opportunities available to students. Visit the Financial Aid website page for more details at //westernwyoming.edu/aid.