Winning Green River Lotto Ticket Claimed Anonymously

Winning Green River Lotto Ticket Claimed Anonymously

The owner of a winning Cowboy Draw ticket in Green River recently claimed their prize anonymously. Graphic by Kaylee Hughes

GREEN RIVER – A $890,559 lottery ticket purchased in Green River was recently cashed out according to Wyolotto, and the owner of the ticket chose to be anonymous when collecting the payout.

The winning Cowboy Draw ticket was the first jackpot awarded by Wyolotto in 2024. According to Wyolotto’s Ashley Pexton, lottery winners can easily collect their winnings anonymously. Winners are asked if they want to share their story and they can easily decline if they don’t want to be thrust into the spotlight.

“That’s one of the rules of our state,” Pexton said.

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The Cowboy Draw game was the third game added to Wyolotto’s game portfolio in March 2015, following the lottery’s launch in August 2014.

Prizes below $600 can be claimed at any retailer affiliated with the lottery or the signed ticket can be sent to Wyolotto’s headquarters in Cheyenne. With prizes ranging from $600 to $49,999, additional documents are needed from a winner before the prize can be issued, but it can be done through the mail or by visiting Wyolotto’s headquarters after making an appointment. Winners need to complete a winners form and provide copies of their ID and social security card to have the prize released to them. Any prize of $50,000 or more must be claimed in person.