Wolves and Tigers Collect 628 Pints of Blood

Wolves and Tigers Collect 628 Pints of Blood

SweetwaterNOW photo, Brayden Flack

GREEN RIVER — The combined blood drive challenge between Rock Springs High School and Green River High School came to a close on Thursday evening during the high school basketball games in Green River.

Green River won the blood drive last year, not only beating Rock Springs but also donating more blood than each of the other nine schools across the state who participated.

The blood drive took place with community members, school faculty and students donating blood to help save lives.

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During the intermission between the two basketball games, it was announced that the two communities donated a total 628 pints of blood with GRHS winning the challenge with 317 pints collected compared to RSHS’ 311 pints. The 628 pints of blood is enough to save 1,800 lives.

As for the basketball games, the Lady Wolves held on to a late lead to beat the Lady Tigers 49-40. In the boys game, the Tigers edged the Wolves 60-54.

The two schools will play again this month in Rock Springs during the annual Make-A-Wish week.