Yellowstone Identifies Person Whose Foot Was Found in Abyss Pool

Yellowstone Identifies Person Whose Foot Was Found in Abyss Pool

An investigation into Ro's death determined that the incident occurred this summer on July 31. Fowl play has been ruled out in his death.

MAMMOTH HOT SPRINGS, WY —  Yellowstone National Park officials announced today that the human foot found in Abyss Pool, located in the West Thumb Geyser Basin, belonged to Il Hun Ro.

Ro was a 70-year-old male from Los Angeles, California. Yellowstone law enforcement officers received the positive identification based on DNA analysis in the last three weeks and notified the family.

Staff discovered part of a foot in a shoe floating in the well-known thermal feature in August, and Yellowstone law enforcement officers started an investigation.

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The investigation determined that an unwitnessed incident involving one individual happened on the morning of July 31 at Abyss Pool. The investigation also determined that no foul play occurred.

“Based on a lack of evidence, the circumstances surrounding the death of Ro remain unknown,” Yellowstone officials said in a statement today.

This investigation has concluded, and the park has no additional information to share.

For more information about this unfortunate incident, read the previous press release: August 19, 2022, Yellowstone National Park incident at Abyss Pool, West Thumb Geyser Basin.