63rd Wyoming Legislature ready to debate bills, files and resolutions

63rd Wyoming Legislature ready to debate bills, files and resolutions

CHEYENNE – As the 63rd Wyoming Legislature is officially underway, there will be a lot of important things many citizens will be keeping an eye on.

While the session convened at noon on Tuesday, things really get going as Governor Matt Mead will be giving his State of the State Address at 10 a.m. There are also several bills which will be of interest to many residents.

From deciding if the State Superintendent of Public Instruction should be appointed or an elected position to declaring the Jackalope Wyoming’s official mythical creature. Here are just a few of the over 200 bills expected to hit the legislature during the session.

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Bills of interest

House Bills

House Bill 2 – process to create a museum district.

House Bill 7 – creating rules and regulations on collecting road killed animals

House Bill 9 – imposes a fuel tax for electric-powered vehicles and vehicles that use alternative fuels.

House Bill 18 – limits when law enforcement agencies can use drones.

House Bill 22 –  amending eligibility for disabled veteran’s license plates.

House Bill 23 – removes a 2014 budget footnote that blocked the board of education from considering the next generation science standards when updating the state’s K-12 science standards.

House Bill 24 – increases the state’s minimum wage to $9 per hour.

House Bill 29 – decriminalized the possession of marijuana, up to one ounce.

House Bill 32 – allows cannabidiol oil from hemp plants to be used to treat a form of drug-resistant epilepsy, https://www.sleepmedsite.com/page/sc/our_services/ativan_lorazepam.

House Bill 46 – makes it a felony for any person who recklessly or through criminal negligence permanently disables or kills a police dog, fire dog, search-and-rescue dog or police horse. (Nyx’s Law)

House Bill 47 – increases the amount of wine that can be shipped to households.

House Bill 56 – exempts food sales from government oversight, including inspections, licensing and certification, as long as they are single transactions between a producer and an informed end consumer.

House Bill 66 – declares the jackalope Wyoming’s official mythical creature.

House Bill 68 – makes it a misdemeanor to photograph a ballot while in a polling place.

House Bill 69 – allows local governments to assess a fee on nonresidential structures that are abandoned, deteriorated or unsafe.

House Bill 78 – allowing supervised use of plant derived pain medication and  providing an exemption from prosecution for possession or use of plant derived pain medication.

House Bill 82 – allow microbreweries to produce a larger quantity of malt beverages

House Bill 95 – amending heavy vehicle and commercial drivers” licenses  including prohibiting operation of large vehicles by minors

House Bill 97 – repealing the death penalty

House Bill 101 – authorizing the community college commission to oversee and approve the operation of charter schools



Senate Files

Senate File 2 – increasing the number of bar and grill licenses available.

Senate File 7 – creating a new provision relating to the unlawful tethering of dogs and creating certain requirements that must be met in order for an owner to lawfully tether a dog.

Senate File 13 – allows the state to use firing squads to execute death row inmates.

Senate File 14 – expands the procedures and requirements for law enforcement agencies to seize property.

Senate File 21 – makes it a felony when parents of legal guardians steal the identity of their children.

Senate File 27 – will name a portion of Interstate 25 the “Wyoming Vietnam Veterans Welcome Home Highway.”

Senate File 38 – allows first-time drug offenders to be eligible for deferred prosecution when they have pleaded guilty or been found guilty of being under the influence of a controlled substance.


Joint Resolution

House Joint Resolution 2 – allows voters to decide if the superintendent of public instruction should be an elected or appointed position.

House Joint Resolution 3 – requesting Congress, state and local authorities to take action to remediate damages caused by free-roaming wild horses on rangelands in the West and to develop effective fertility control methods to reduce the populations of free-roaming wild horses in the West.

Senate Joint Resolution 1 – creates a ballot measure for a constitutional amendment to add language which states the right of individual privacy is essential to the well-being of a free society and shall not be infringed without the showing of a compelling state interest.

Senate Joint Resolution 3 –  requesting Congress submit to the states a proposed amendment to the United States Constitution prohibiting the infringement of the United States government on the states’ educational rights.