All West Communications is Building a Better Internet Experience for Sweetwater County

All West Communications is Building a Better Internet Experience for Sweetwater County

All West Communications construction, engineering crews and field technicians made incredible progress in 2020—bringing fiber to more residents and businesses in Sweetwater County than in any other year.

One of the bigger construction projects was getting businesses in the Yellowstone and Jonah Drive area in Rock Springs upgraded to fiber.

All West connected more than 1700 Sweetwater county homes and businesses with blazing, fast speeds and upgraded hundreds of customers to their streaming TV service, All All West continues to upgrade and replace equipment and increase the number of nodes (connection points) for greater bandwidth and faster connectivity.

Closing the Internet Gap

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Reports have shown that the gap between the FCC’s current proposed speed of 25/3Mbps and what is available is the greatest in Wyoming. In Q2 2020, Wyoming was named of one of four states with the lowest monthly reported internet speeds nationwide. All West’s continued investment to provide fast, reliable internet for Sweetwater county is helping to close the gap on this “internet divide.” All West offers fiber and coax speeds well above the current FCC recommendation. All West’s plans start at 100Mbps and reach 1Gig. When combined with their Plume managed Wi-Fi offering, customers can expect uninterrupted connectivity and advanced Wi-Fi features like parental controls, guest access and AI SecurityTM.

“We’re excited to be able to provide more people in Wyoming with fast, reliable fiber internet,” Matt Weller, All West Communications President, stated.

All West is helping to close the gap between rural and urban internet access and speeds—and we’re proud of that.

Matt Weller, All West Communications President

Reaching More Customers

For 2021, All West will continue to expand their fiber infrastructure and bring Sweetwater county the best
internet experience the area has to offer. As part of a USDA Grant, All West will begin construction in Granger in the second half of the year. With this grant, All West will build close to 100 miles of fiber optic infrastructure connecting and serving the communities of Granger, Farson and Eden. (Farson and Eden are planned for early 2022.)

This build will allow approximately 320 homes, 20 businesses, 18 farms, a Granger school, and a K-12
school campus in Farson the ability to receive high-speed broadband services.

All West has plans to offer fiber to more Rock Springs and Green River residents as well. To do this, All West has doubled the size of its construction crew and has one crew based in Wyoming. They have also hired additional customer service representatives and field techs to improve customer response times and get customers connected more quickly.

All West is looking forward to another great year of connecting people to what matters most. Want to be connected to the best internet the area has to offer? Give All West’s internet experts a call at (866) 255.9378.