#ANSWERED: COVID-19 Won’t Stop Sweetwater County from Celebrating Christmas

#ANSWERED: COVID-19 Won’t Stop Sweetwater County from Celebrating Christmas

Last week, SweetwaterNOW asked you, our readers, how you plan to spend Christmas amid the COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic. Although not a scientific study, our community polls have always shown some insight into current topics being discussed on our channels.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has issued a number recommendations for celebrating Christmas this year, including staying home, limiting gatherings, practicing social distancing and mask use, and trying to ensure guests at gatherings have not been exposed to COVID-19 in the past 14 days.

Over 230 of you responded to the random survey, of which 67 percent of those polled said they have not changed their Christmas plans due to COVID-19. Of those polled, 30.5 percent of people said they will not be traveling this year, and 24.9 percent of people said they will not be hosting a gathering of extended family or loved ones. The remaining 6.4 percent of responders said they have made “other” changes to their holiday plans.

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Additionally, 74.6 percent of responders said they have not started any new traditions this year due to COVID-19, while 11.2 percent said they will be video calling loved ones, and 9.5 percent of people said they started the tradition of driving around and looking at Christmas lights.

One responder said their family created homemade holiday decorations, gingerbread houses, and homemade gifts for family and friends this year.

Two responders said they do not have the finances this year to celebrate Christmas with gifts and decorations.

A few responders said they plan to deliver meals to elderly folks in the community. One person said they will be learning about Christmas celebrations from around the world and will be learning new Christmas songs. Another said they will be celebrating Christmas Eve by driving to see Christmas lights, and on Christmas Day they will have breakfast with mimosas and have prime rib for dinner.

Many people polled said they are staying home and video calling family and loved ones.

“Watching movies and FaceTiming family on Christmas Day,” one responder said.

“Lots of video chats. In fact, my wife is making Christmas cookies with her granddaughter over FaceTime as I write this,” another responder said.

“Video chat with family, much like we are there. It has become less like a call and more like a visit. Sometimes we spend hours with our grandkids. We have watched movies together,” another person said.

Several responders said they are staying home this Christmas to keep their family and community safe.

“I’m keeping myself and others safe in hopes of better times ahead,” one person polled said.

Other responders said they are doing all the same holiday traditions.

“We are celebrating Christmas just like we do any other year. Looking at Christmas lights, movie nights, a big family dinner with all extended family. COVID is not stopping this family,” one responder said.

“We are celebrating as we always do,” another person said.

Many of those polled said they are not doing any new traditions this year, but several said they are not doing any of their old traditions either. One person said they have been isolating for weeks so they can travel safely to see family.

However you’re celebrating this year, have a very merry and safe Christmas, and a happy and healthy New Year.