Building Blocks — Jeff Atkinson (Ep. 9)

Building Blocks — Jeff Atkinson (Ep. 9)

Photo courtesy of Jen Atkinson.

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Jeff Atkinson has coached soccer locally in Rock Springs since the early 2000s. Starting out with the Rock Springs Tigers, he eventually landed a spot with Western Wyoming Community College. His 15-year career with the Mustangs is full of stories. One of those stories is how he grew the men’s soccer program from its roots.

In episode nine, the conversation with Atkinson narrows in on some of the principles he learned and implemented while building the men’s soccer program at WWCC. His reflection provides sound advice for anyone who may be building a company, relationship or career from the ground up.

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While Atkinson may be absent from coaching currently, the fruit of his efforts 15 years ago still stand tall today.

Special thanks to Farm Bureau Financial Services Agent David Stauffer for making this podcast episode possible.

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