“Car Wrap” Scam Is Circulating Sweetwater County

“Car Wrap” Scam Is Circulating Sweetwater County

SWEETWATER COUNTY — A “car wrap” mail scam is circulating in Sweetwater County, Sheriff Mike Lowell warned today.

The scam works this way: by standard mail (or via email),  letters are sent out, purportedly from a major beverage maker or brewer, (in this instance, Budweiser,) announcing that you will soon receive a check for nearly $2,000, which you are instructed to deposit in your own account.

Next, the letter directs that you will soon receive $400 (or more) and have your car wrapped at no charge. However, you must first wire two payments of $775 to an individual in Florida in order to facilitate the arrangement.

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The check is worthless and bounces, but those who have fallen victim to the scam by sending out a total of $1,550 don’t discover that until it’s too late and their money is gone.

A graphic of this latest scam letter is shown here.

Officials point out that evaluating an offer like this is simple: If you receive a message urging you to deposit a check, then wire funds to someone, it’s a scam.  Every time, and no exceptions.

For more information on this and many other fraud schemes, Lowell recommends the FBI website at http://www.fbi.gov/scams-safety/fraud.