Design for Anti-Flooding Detention Basins Upstream of Elk Street Up for Vote Tuesday

Design for Anti-Flooding Detention Basins Upstream of Elk Street Up for Vote Tuesday

ROCK SPRINGS – Not only did the city learn about hidden flooding issues this summer, they have also been busy working to alleviate them. On Tuesday, the council will take action on a contract to protect the residents along Elk Street.

After intense flooding this past summer, Rock Springs city officials were able to see what parts of the city needed the most attention.

Residents along Elk Street were among those hit the hardest and spoke to the Rock Springs City Council several times about the issues.

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In response to the residents’ concerns, the city began looking at building detention basins in the area. This Tuesday, the council will act on a contract with JFC Engineering Surveyors for a preliminary design of the Northeast Rock Springs Detention Basins. The amount of the contract is $73,051.

According to city officials, on July 6 and 7, 2015, Rock Springs endured two intense storm events. These storm events caused damages throughout the city.

“It was evident that the storm sewer had exceeded its capacity throughout northeastern Rock Springs,” city officials said.

Rock Springs City Workers use shovels to clear the Elk Street storm drains on July 7th.

The intent of the Project is to evaluate and develop options for detaining runoff generated by the drainage areas located east of the Century West Subdivision and Desert View Elementary to mitigate flooding downstream.

As stated in the request for proposals the city released, it has been determined that it is not feasible to improve the downstream stormwater system to accommodate the 100-year peak flows generated by the drainage areas.

Officials said the goal is to locate and design detention with outlet control so that the existing stormwater system is better able to carry the flows generated by a flood event. An evaluation of the current downstream infrastructure will be performed to accomplish this goal.

JFC will utilize the services of Uinta Paleontological Associates, Inc. to provide the paleontological evaluation and Western Archaeological Services will perform the Class Ill Cultural Inventory and prepare the final report on the Project.