Fire Warden Recognized For Cleaning Up County Fire Department

Fire Warden Recognized For Cleaning Up County Fire Department

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Sweetwater County Fire Warden Mike Bournazian’s efforts to reform the County Fire Department have not gone unnoticed by officials or the public.

From the street, you can see a new logo on the building, a fence has been moved to allow the public to access the station’s front door. One member of the public complained that the prisoners would be able to escape, believing the facility was a jail.

Bournazian is quick to offer a tour of the facilities which have been cleaned up and recently received a fresh coat of paint.

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Bournazian disposed of several pieces of equipment that had been cluttering up the yard and imposing maintenance costs.

At the last Sweetwater County Commissioners meeting Commission Chairman Wally Johnson said even though Bournazian is new to the team, he is an example of the type of employee the county prides itself on.

“Here is another example of one of our employees going above and beyond,” Johnson said.

The Chairman added he has heard Bournazian has made a world of difference at the station and urged his fellow commissioners to take a tour.

Commissioner Don Van Matre reported he recently did take a tour of the station and called the change to the station “immaculate.”