Flack Friday: New Beginnings, Favorite Memories and a Much Needed Vacation

Flack Friday: New Beginnings, Favorite Memories and a Much Needed Vacation

Today marks the last Flack Friday column of 2018.

I wanted to thank those who take the time to read and check each week for the column. Your readership doesn’t go unnoticed. You are an important part of the column. There will be great things coming in 2019 so I sincerely hope you’re ready to catch the wave!

New Beginnings

The new year brings a hopeful sense of change and improvement — a fresh start if you will. There’s something promising about the calendar year turning. Allow me to give a few thoughts on new beginnings I’d like to see in the world of sports.

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You may not count this as a new beginning, but how about Derrick Rose? He’s had an amazing season compared to previous years with a handful of teams. There’s a fresh sense of energy and athleticism for Rose this season that flashes back to his MVP days in Chicago. If Rose is able to maintain his new look until he retires, what a story it will make. I hope to not only see this new beginning for Rose continue, but I wish to see it thrive.

The NFL is obviously the most successful sports league in America and I feel we are seeing a new transition taking place. The New England Patriots’ dynasty appears to be turning a page. With that said, I’d like to see a new dynasty take hold of the league. Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs could easily be that dynasty. This was a topic back before the draft. The Chiefs have the bulk of their star players signed long term which is an important step in building a dynasty and that roster has played well this season. Dynasties make sports great. There is a need for a new one in the NFL.

This won’t happen this year, but college football needs fixed. I’d love to see the groundwork be laid for the College Football Playoffs (CFP) to be improved. The current system is self-serving and doesn’t benefit the game of football. A new, fresh change needs to find the CFP. If that change does come, I might be able to actually keep my New Year’s resolution to watch college football.

Change is not always a bad concept.

Top 5 Sports Moments

Here at SweetwaterNOW we believe in the community and people we serve. Througout the next few days we as a content team have reflected on the year and the top memories, stories and photos that will be shared before the New Year.

Yesterday we posted our top five sports moments in Sweetwater County. This year brought a lot of historic moments for our community. It was quite interesting to look back at 2018 to see what was accomplished. I hope you enjoy our list of favorite memories as much as I did.

You can read the top five here.

Need a Vacation?

Are you looking for an adventure? Need some time away from home? I’ll cut the sales pitch. I was never much of a salesman.

If you watched HBO’s Hard Knocks, you’ll recall that the Cleveland Browns’ quarterbacks rented an RV to stay in during training camp. The good news is that the exact RV rented out by Baker Mayfield, Tyrod Taylor and Brogen Roback could be yours for a cool and calm $195,000.

While the price may seem a bit steep, the RV’s refrigerator does come with Mayfield’s autograph on it. You can be one of the bros.

Brayden a sports and community reporter for SweetwaterNOW. His column, Flack Friday, will be posted every Friday. You can submit comments, questions or ideas regarding the column to brayden@sweetwaternow.com.