Genesis Alkali Awards “Courage to Care” Donations to Local Organizations

From left to Right (Back Row): Lyndon Kline, Dustin Teasdale, Brandon Tornes, Carley Maze, Lisa Stewart (Director Boys and Girls Club), Bela Birmingham, Greg Lamorie, Chevy Eaton, Ryan Pauley

Genesis Alkali employees have recently chosen the Boys and Girls Club of Sweetwater County and the Lincoln Uinta Child Development Center to receive donations as a demonstration of the company’s Courage to Care.

From Left to Right Front Row: Kiele Jensen, CDC Jr. Preschool Aide,Dr. Cristy Pelham, Executive Director , Kathy Tyler, CDC Center Secretary From Left to Right Back Row: Mike Moeller, Bryce Hamblin, Jeremy Litz, Matt Dockter, Bill Winters, Robin Steiss-CDC Board Member

Courage to Care means having the Courage to Care about their families, their friends, their co-workers, and this case, the Courage to Care about their neighbors and the communities they live in.

From Left to Right Front Row: James Bergman, Breezy Cooley, Brian Sartor, Kandice Nixon Left to Right Back Row: Tony Kalan, Trent DeWitt, and Tyler Cinder

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