Get all Your Turkey Essentials In-store at Bookcliff Sales in Rock Springs

Get all Your Turkey Essentials In-store at Bookcliff Sales in Rock Springs

Gobble until you wobble with the great feast essentials that Bookcliff Sales has in stock to make your holiday delightful!

The Camp Chef® Turkey Cannon

An Infusion Roaster takes your cooking game to the next level with turkey or chicken that’s moist and incredibly flavorful. Simply add water or your favorite beverage to the Turkey Cannon, and slip on your poultry. Turkey Cannon infuses the poultry while it cooks and cuts cooking time in half when compared to a conventional oven.

CanCooker Adventure

A portable steam cooker and food steamer for campfire cooking, travel, RV and tailgating. Four gallons & can feed up to 20, Includes a protective storage bag. CanCooker cooks with steam, creating a natural convection that cooks food fast and keeps in all the flavors and nutrients. ‘Everything comes out tender, never dry!’

Camp Chef Seasoning

Elevate your Thanksgiving turkey with a variety of Camp Chef Seasoning! Crafted with a blend of premium spices, the seasonings add a burst of flavor to every dish, transforming your outdoor or indoor cooking experience into a savory masterpiece.

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307 Seasoning Co.

Taste the pride of local craftsmanship with 307 Seasoning Co. – where every sprinkle tells a story of flavor and tradition! Meticulously blended seasonings that promise to elevate your dishes, bringing the essence of Wyoming’s culinary charm to your table.

Visit your one-stop shop for all of your turkey necessities at Bookcliff Sales at 2028 Sunset Dr, Rock Springs, WY!

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