Grubb Says Goodbye to Library Director Position for a New Career

Grubb Says Goodbye to Library Director Position for a New Career

Sweetwater County Library System Director Jason Grubb has decided to change careers after 8 years as the director. Courtesy photo

SWEETWATER COUNTY — After eight years as the Sweetwater County Library System’s Director, Jason Grubb has decided it is time to pursue a new career.

Prior to becoming the library system’s director, Grubb worked as the White Mountain Library’s manager and has been with the library system for the past 11 1/2 years.

Even though Grubb’s is excited to start his own web design company, he’s going to miss the library atmosphere. Today is Grubb’s last day as executive director and he was filled with mixed emotions.

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“I’m going to miss working with all the librarians. I’m going to miss being in a library environment. Libraries are great places that do good work,” Grubb said. “You’ll never meet a more dedicated and caring group that is willing to do anything for each other and for the community.”

Grubb was also proud to bring new services to the community and expand the library’s digital content services over the years.

While the decision was a difficult one, Grubb believes he’s making the right one.

“I’ve been thinking about running my own business for a while. I settled on this particular idea during the summer,” Grubb said. “I’ve had trouble making time for it as a side business. My role at the library is demanding. I eventually decided the best way to move forward was to make a career change.”

Grubb said he knows there is risk in going all in with self-employment and he is realizing there is a lot he doesn’t know, but he’s willing to do the work.

“I have always known I would not work at the library forever. It is a short life. There is so much I want to do. This is one of many careers. The timing was not always known though,” Grubb said. “There is never a perfect time to start a business. Realizing I’m not getting any younger, I felt like something had to happen if it was ever going to happen.”  

Even though Grubb is switching careers, he and his family have no intentions of leaving Green River.

As for the library’s future, Lindsey Travis, one of the library’s assistant directors, has been named the interim director. The library board is in the process of finding a director and are hosting interviews this week and next week.

Grubb did want to leave some advice for the new director.

“You can’t do everything so decide what is most important and focus your energy on that. Never lose sight of the big picture – what libraries are all about and who they serve. Build an amazing team and you will be able to face any challenge.”