Monroe Intermediate School Recognizes Veterans with Signs

Monroe Intermediate School Recognizes Veterans with Signs

GREEN RIVER– Students at Monroe Intermediate School placed signs along Uinta Drive that honor and recognize veterans for their service to the United States.

Monroe Has Been Putting Up Signs for Years

The core made up of teachers Lori Hastert, Dylan Burd, Rachel Conder, Scott Taylor, and Sandra Bowling sent home paperwork with their students to bring in information about family members who have served in the military.

Members from the community will also call to have loved ones recognized with a sign.

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“The signs are something our core has done for many years,” Hastert said. “The students put them together and we put them out.”

Signs Honor Veterans

The signs are a way for the students and the Monroe Intermediate School community to honor and thank the veterans who have fought for the United States and our freedom.

The name of the veteran, the branch they served in, and the war or conflict they served in is listed on each sign.

The signs can be seen on Uinta Drive near Monroe Ave. in Green River.

Veteran’s Day Program

Monroe Intermediate School will also recognize veterans tomorrow at their annual Veteran’s Day Program. The assembly will be at the Lincoln Middle School auditorium at 11 am.