New Appointments Made to County Boards Tuesday

New Appointments Made to County Boards Tuesday

SWEETWATER COUNTY – Several openings on different county boards were filled by the Sweetwater County Commission on Tuesday. Two new members will be joining the Memorial Hospital of Sweetwater County Board of Trustees.

The commission received 11 applications for two spots on the MHSC Board. The first to replace Robert Wallendorff, who recently completed ten years of service on the board. The second was Dr. Tom Spicer who just finished his first term on the board. Spicer submitted an application for reappointment.

The commission first discussed the opening left by Wallendorff. Commissioner John Kolb – who is also liaison to the hospital board – reported that he attempted to contact everyone who submitted an application and talk to them. He recommended Taylor Jones for the position. Commissioner Don Van Matre and Randall Wendling also voiced support for Jones.

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Chairman Wally Johnson recommended Frank Prevedel saying Prevedel has a proven record of service to the county and state. For this opening, Commissioner Reid West voiced support for Richard Mathey. He explained he believed there needed to be a physician on the board and supported the reappointment of Spicer.

The commission did vote unanimously to place Taylor Jones in the position.

For Spicer’s seat, West had already voiced support for his reappointment. While the rest of the commission spoke highly of Spicer, the majority believed it was more important to have someone with legal experience on the board at this time. They all spoke in favor of Richard Mathey. West did vote no on the second replacement.


Community Fine Arts Center

The commission received three applications to fill the expiring term of Colleen Beutel. The commissioners noted Traci Ciepiela and Debbie DeBernardi both are currently serving on boards and unanimously selected Jeni Knezovich to fill the opening.


Sweetwater County Library Systems

The Commission received five applications for one spot on the board including one from Debbie Bullock whose term is expiring. The board unanimously voted to reappoint Bullock to the board.


Sweetwater County Museum.

Four applications were received for the opening due to the expiring term of Tony Niemiec. Niemiec was eligible for reappointment and the commission unanimously voted to reappoint him.


Sweetwater County Planning and Zoning

The commission received four applications for two openings on the board. Island Richards did submit an application for reappointment while Randy Hansen did not. The commission voted unanimously to reappoint Richards.

The second vote was a split vote. Kolb, West and Wendling all voiced support for Linda McGovern while Van Matre and Johnson voted for Clinton DeLambert.


Sweetwater County Solid Waste District Wamsutter/Bairoil

The Commission received five new applications, four from Bairoil and one from Wamsutter, for three spots open on the board. Dean Switzer was unanimously reappointed to the board. Gary Waldner, the lone Wamsutter applicant, and Wallace Godwin were also both unanimously selected to the board.


Solid Waste District – Eden

Four new applications were received for two openings on the board. Current board member Scott Johnson was eligible for reappointment. Robert Baldwin was not but Deputy County Attorney James Schermetzler pointed to recent legislation that allows board members to serve more than allowed terms in rural areas due to struggles finding volunteers to serve.

For Johnson’s seat, Wendling spoke in favor of Jen Smith while the rest voiced support for reappointing Johnson. Wendling said it was nothing against Johnson he just thinks change is good. Johnson was reappointed 4-1.

For Baldwin’s seat, Wendling again voiced support for Jen Smith feeling it was time for a change. His fellow commissioners again voiced support for reappointment and Baldwin was voted in 4-1.


STAR Transit
The board received two new applications for two openings on the board. Kathy Gilbert and Chairman Steve Shae recently completed terms and did not submit applications for reappointment. The commission unanimously voted to put Rebecca Eusek and Sarah Havens on the board.