By The Numbers: Clark Stith Pledges Smaller Government If Elected Wyoming Secretary of State

By The Numbers: Clark Stith Pledges Smaller Government If Elected Wyoming Secretary of State

Clark Stith wants to be your next Wyoming Secretary of State.


Clark, born in Atchison, Kansas, has been in Sweetwater County since 1997 where he practices law and is on the Rock Springs City Council. When Clark first became Chairman of the Sweetwater County Republican Party in 2001, Democrats outnumbered Republicans 2 to 1. Working together as a team, local Republicans slowly but surely cut into the Democrats’ advantage, registering new Republicans with an aggressive voter registration campaign. Today, Sweetwater County is majority Republican!

Clark’s record on City Council has been as a budget hawk, challenging no bid contracts and voting against deficit spending. These efforts have recently borne fruit, as the City Council voted in May 2014 to trim $1.4 million from this year’s budget and is expected in June 2014 to cut another $4.6 million from next year’s budget.

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As part of his pledge for Secretary of State, Clark supports the following:

  • Smaller government (State government has doubled in size since 2002 – we must stop the one-way ratchet of government growth.)

  • Support individual right to bear arms.

  • Respect private property rights.

  • Promote multiple use of public lands, stand against environmental extremism.

  • Individual liberty, self-reliance and personal responsibility.

You can volunteer for Clark’s campaign, learn about the candidate or donate by visiting


Be sure to vote in the Primary Election on August 19! You can find your polling place by clicking here.

See what the Sweetwater County-based Attorney, Clark Stith, has to say in part two of his ‘Wyoming By The Numbers’ video series by watching the video below.

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