Rock Springs Council to Discuss Ambulance Service at Tuesday’s Meeting

Rock Springs Council to Discuss Ambulance Service at Tuesday’s Meeting

Sweetwater Medics Facebook photo

ROCK SPRINGS — The Rock Springs City Council is scheduled to discuss the state of Sweetwater County’s ambulance service at its upcoming meeting.

The Council will meet at 7 pm Tuesday, March 16, at city hall for its regularly scheduled meeting. According to the Council packet, the Council is scheduled to discuss the ambulance service under new business. No other information was included in the packet, however, at their previous meeting the Council was asked by the Sweetwater County Commission to help fund the ambulance service.

Both the Rock Springs and Green River city councils were informed at their last meetings on March 2 that if they didn’t help fund the ambulance service Sweetwater Medics will stop responding to 911 calls starting April 1, 2021.

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According to Sweetwater County Commissioner Jeff Smith, it costs $1.28 million to fund the county’s ambulance service. Sweetwater Medics costs about $944,000, while Castle Rock Ambulance costs about $348,000. Smith said the county would pay 50 percent, which would be $693,792, and the remaining 50 percent would be split between Green River and Rock Springs. Green River would be responsible for one-third, or $213,264, of the funding, while Rock springs, would be responsible for two-thirds or $423,528.

Other Business

The Council is also scheduled to host a public hearing to discuss the Rock Springs Housing Authority Annual Plan. The plan is available for public inspection at the Office of Housing and
Community Development, 233 C Street, between the hours of 8 am and 5 pm.

Under Council committee and board reports, the Council will hear an update from the Southwest Wyoming Regional Airport.