RS Police Officer Rescues Cat Stuck in Car

RS Police Officer Rescues Cat Stuck in Car

After an hour of trying to locate this cat, it was finally removed from a car it was hiding in this morning. Courtesy photo

ROCK SPRINGS — Mysterious meows led to one Rock Springs Police Department officer rescuing a cat that was hidden in a car’s engine compartment in Rock Springs this morning.

Rock Springs resident Joe Gatti said it all started over the weekend when he kept hearing a cat meowing somewhere near his home.

“Initially, we kept hearing this cat. I thought it must have got in the garage or something,” he said.

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However, after searching and searching for the cat, they were never able to locate it.

“It was driving us crazy, but we could not find it,” Gatti said.

As soon as Gatti would hear the cat meow, he would quickly run out to the garage and try to find it, but he never could. This morning however, Gatti heard the meow again and this time he was able to pinpoint its location.

“I finally figured out the noise was coming from the car,” Gatti said. “I could not see it in there. It was so well hidden.”

Gatti thought the cat had inadvertently gotten stuck in a car engine compartment and wouldn’t come out because it was scared.

That’s when Gatti decided to call dispatch because he figured they would have better resources than himself to try and locate the cat and remove it from the car. He wanted to get the cat removed because it had been stuck one or possibly two days before he figured out where the meows were coming from.

A young RSPD officer came to the cat’s rescue, he said. When the officer arrived, he tried to lure the cat out with tuna, but with no luck. So the officer had to resort to other measures.

“He went above and beyond duty crawling under the car and spending at least an hour trying to get his arm up where the cat was and grab hold of it,” Gatti said. “He finally was able to nab it and pull it out, but the cat got away and hid in the left rear wheel, so it had to be extricated again.”

Thankfully, the cat didn’t appear to be injured and they boxed it up for transport to Rock Springs Animal Control.

With the cat rescued and Gatti able to go on about his day, he started to reflect on everything that had happened.

“I would just like to express my appreciation for the effort that went into the rescue, but more than that for the reinforcement of my respect and trust of our police officers,” he said. “They like the rest of us care about their families and community and are always willing to do whatever is necessary to help when needed.”