RS Professional Fire Fighters Hot Topic: “EMS Response”

ROCK SPRINGS — A question commonly heard while responding on 911 medical emergencies is “Why did the Fire Department respond when I needed an ambulance?”  Emergency Medical Services (EMS) response by The Rock Springs Fire Department, City of Rock Springs and your Professional Fire Fighters began in 1997 with Basic Emergency Care.  The capabilities for the RSFD to respond are highlighted by the standard of care, education, and NFPA response times that come with career professionals.

On average the private transport ambulance service in Rock Springs responds with two employees.  In emergencies your Professional Fire Fighters are there at no charge to augment Advanced Life Support (ALS) measures.  Both agencies work cooperatively with each other striving to meet patient needs. This increases the scope, speed, and efficiency of an EMS response allowing care to be significantly increased by the time of arrival at the hospital.

The Professional Fire Fighters desire to deliver expanded service to our citizens has resulted in 5 Paramedics and 23 EMT-Intermediates or ALS Technicians.  This leaves 5 members at the Departments employment mandated minimum of EMT-Basic or Basic Life Support BLS Technician.  The majority of Basics are recent hires who will continue the tradition of doing extra for our residents through continued training and advanced certification.  As Professional Fire Fighters gain ALS certification this allows advanced procedures such as starting IV’s, administering lifesaving medications, cardiac rhythm recognition, and advanced airways.  Continuing education on the Department allows the ability to maintain EMS certifications while keeping up with the newest advances in Emergency Medicine.

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National response standards describe quick ALS responses as a cornerstone to effective pre hospital care.  NFPA 1710 states ALS response requires a minimum of (2) ALS level technicians and (2) BLS level technicians.  In addition ALS providers should arrive within 8 minutes to 90% of the service area.  The American Heart Association recommends this same response time as essential in improving survival rates in Cardiac Arrest.  Professional Fire Fighters can arrive to most areas of the City within minutes of call out, bringing a level of service that improves survival rates and delivers quality pre hospital care. Like Us on Facebook by searching IAFF Local 1499 RSFF and look for next month’s Hot Topic.

Jason Cristanelli

Vice President RS Professional Fire Fighters