RS Professional Fire Fighters Hot Topic: Testing Day

RS Professional Fire Fighters Hot Topic: Testing Day

ROCK SPRINGS — The beginning of a career providing community service is a highly competitive process. Every two years, Fire Departments around the nation hold testing processes to select the best candidates possible. This spring the Rock Springs Fire Department is once again starting the process to build a roster to select candidates through 2016. While the Rock Springs Professional Fire Fighters Local 1499 does not influence the candidates on these lists or assist in hiring, we do look forward to the process and support the testing method chosen.

Many different hiring processes may be found from one municipality to the next. Granted, anywhere testing is conducted for Professionals; you will find a lengthy and difficult process. Individuals looking for a challenging and rewarding career often travel across the nation to test in different cities. The odds of being hired are slim, even for the experienced fire fighter looking for a change of location. The book sized application alone can be a daunting process. The application is used to conduct in depth and comprehensive back ground checks.

Testing day begins with a written test over basic reading comprehension, mathematics, map reading, and mechanical knowledge. With a passing score, applicants proceed to a physical endurance assessment. The physical assessment is a pass or fail timed event. It is designed to portray what a firefighter would need to be able to accomplish on a daily basis.

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As background checks are compiled, the Fire Civil Service Commission validates the list a few months after the test. After validation the Fire Chief has the next two years to hire the top candidates with names provided from the commission. There are five Professional Departments in Wyoming, all with two year testing processes and minimal openings. It is not easy to become a Professional Fire Fighter. With this process we can look forward to hiring the best candidates for the job and often due to minimal job openings miss out on the chance for other great candidates.

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Jason Cristanelli

Vice President RS Professional Fire Fighters