SCSD No. 2 Joins Lawsuit Against State of Wyoming

SCSD No. 2 Joins Lawsuit Against State of Wyoming

GREEN RIVER — Sweetwater County School District (SCSD) No. 2 will be joining the Wyoming Education Association’s (WEA) lawsuit filed against the State of Wyoming for inadequate funding of public schools.

The SCSD No. 2 Board of Trustees voted unanimously to join the lawsuit. They will be joining Sweetwater County School District No. 1, as well as a few other districts across the state.

The WEA lawsuit was filed August 18, and they claimed that the Wyoming State Legislature violated its state constitutional duties by failing to adequately fund public schools.

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“Ultimately, our hope is that the funding model will be cost-based and paid for so that our students are able to obtain the quality education they deserve in the State of Wyoming,” WEA President Grady Hutcherson said during the announcement of the lawsuit.

Prior to the vote, Trustee Brenda Roosa asked what the recommendation was of the coalition of school districts that SCSD No. 2 belongs to. Chairman Steve Core said the coalition had a meeting about this recently, and most of the members indicated that they plan to join the lawsuit.

“Right now the coalition, as you see in the breakdown of the costs, the districts represent over 50 percent of the students in Wyoming,” Core said.

Core added that the coalition’s legal team would have recommended the lawsuit had the WEA not filed it first.

“The Coalition would have come to us and said we need to file this,” he said.

The resolution authorizing the school board to take legal action against the State of Wyoming can be viewed in full below. The resolution outlines the reasonings for the lawsuit.