Spotlight on Fremont Therapy’s Partner Kris Nelson – From Riverton to Green River

Spotlight on Fremont Therapy’s Partner Kris Nelson – From Riverton to Green River

In honor of Fremont Therapy Group’s 25th anniversary, we take this opportunity to recognize our partner, Kris Nelson, PT, MPT, CHT.

Kris joined Fremont Therapy Group in 2005, allowing him and his wife, Stacey and their two young children to establish their roots in Stacey’s hometown of Riverton.

After practicing in Riverton for nearly a decade, Kris was the first to join Fremont Therapy’s partnership group when he approached the founding partners with the opportunity to expand services to Green River. Together, Kris and FTG purchased a small, reputable therapy practice, Summit Physical Therapy, allowing the previous owner to relocate without interruption to patients.

The decision to uproot my family and move from Riverton to Green River, was a difficult one, though it was the pivotal point in my career that allowed me to grow both clinically as well by becoming a leader in the business community.

In 2014, Kris’ new clinic consisted of himself and two part-time therapists, operating in a small, single-room clinic, north of the train tracks in Green River. Shortly after taking over the practice, Kris achieved the highest level of competency in his profession as a nationally recognized Certified Hand Therapy (CHT). As a CHT, he brought to the community expertise in preventive care, current surgical techniques, post-surgery therapy programs, and fabrication of custom upper extremity splints.

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Kris and the Green River Fremont Therapy Team

In 2017, Kris and his partners completed the construction of a 6,600 square foot facility, across from the Green River High School, complete with the first heated aquatic therapy pool in Green River, four private treatment rooms, and a large gym facility with state-of-the-art therapy equipment. The Green River clinic now operates with a staff of 6 and is continuing to grow and thrive in the community.

We are proud to call Kris a partner and acknowledge his many accomplishments. We have the highest respect for Kris, with his willingness to invest in himself and Fremont Therapy Group, and his dedication to his staff and his community. We look to Kris as one of the key owners who will take Fremont Therapy into the next decade and beyond.

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