Spotlight on Fremont Therapy’s Partner, Nate Tanner – Providing Carbon County with Physical Therapy Expertise

Spotlight on Fremont Therapy’s Partner, Nate Tanner – Providing Carbon County with Physical Therapy Expertise

In honor of Fremont Therapy Group‘s 25th anniversary, we take this opportunity to recognize our partner, Nate Tanner.

Nate and his team provide physical therapy services, in partnership with Memorial Hospital of Carbon County, in a variety of settings throughout Carbon County.

Nate is a true Wyoming native, born and raised in Lyman, Wyoming, and a University of Wyoming alumni.

It was partway through his undergraduate studies that Nate put his love of sports and fascination with the human body together to form his path to becoming a physical therapist.

Nate met his wife, Randi, in Lyman where they both attended high school in 1996.  They married after Nate returned from an LDS mission to Mexico where he learned to speak Spanish.  After marriage, he returned to Laramie to finish his undergraduate work.  Then in 2005, with two youngsters in tow, Nate and Randi headed south for post-graduate degrees. Nate completed his Doctor of Physical Therapy at the prestigious A.T Still University in Phoenix and Randi completed the Pastry Chef Culinary program at Scottsdale Culinary Institute becoming a certified pastry chef.

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With some great experiences under their belt, they had a desire to return to a more rural setting and be closer to home and family began to tug at them. In 2009, the opportunity to practice in Rawlins was presented by Memorial Hospital of Carbon County. Though not the obvious choice, it was a perfect match. Nate enjoys practicing in a variety of settings, and Rawlins offered it all; hospital inpatient, outpatient rehab, home health, pre-school and school-aged children and athletes.

In 2015, Nate joined Fremont Therapy Group, shortly after the current 7,000 sq. ft. facility was completed.  Nate now leads a team of ten employees that provide physical therapy services throughout the county. Nate and his team operate in both Rawlins and Saratoga clinics, the hospital, multiple business facilities, both Carbon County school districts, the developmental preschool and visit patients at home.

I was drawn to Fremont Therapy Group’s patient care philosophy and the opportunity for professional growth. The idea of expanding physical therapy services to the Rawlins community was exciting.

– Nate Tanner, Clinic Director, Partner

The Tanner family has integrated into and feels very much part of the Rawlins community. They volunteer time, coaching soccer and support other school activities; Randi even put her culinary skills to work, launching a successful catering and food-truck business. They’ve engaged the whole family in their passion to help others by serving as foster parents for children in need. 

Over the past four years, more than 40 kids have come through their home, with as many as 12 in their home at one given time. 

More than once, they’ve been able to help reunite parent and child by giving the parent the time they needed to successfully navigate whatever was challenging them. Recently and in addition to continuing to foster children, Randi added Fremont Therapy Group to her list of support and contributions as our Patient Care Coordinator. She has put her business experience and drive to work and has been an enormous help to Nate, his staff and FTG, though she is now transitioning to a position with the Department of Family Services as an MDT Coordinator. 

We credit Nate with expanding Fremont Therapy’s reach beyond the clinic walls and for bringing us together with MHCC, to further improve healthcare services in Carbon County.  The community has been supportive of FTG and the MHCC alliance has allowed both organizations to better utilize resources to expand programs and services to the community. Since joining forces, we’ve been able to expand our reach to Saratoga and have added numerous programs and services.

Brent Kaufman, CEO

As partners, we are proud to acknowledge Nate’s many skills and contributions to the Rawlins community. We have the highest respect for him and his family and, as one of our key partners, look to him to take Fremont Therapy into the next decade and beyond.

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