Stacy Jones Announces Candidacy for Senate District 13

Stacy Jones Announces Candidacy for Senate District 13

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Stacy Jones is excited to announce her candidacy for Wyoming State Senate District 13.

Stacy is a Wyoming native, UW graduate and member of the Cowboy Joe Club and University of Wyoming Alumni Association. She has served and volunteered for numerous boards, committees and fundraisers in Sweetwater County and across the state.

Stacy comes from a multi-generational conservative and service-oriented family. Her father served in the United States Air Force and her grandfather was an U.S. Army veteran of WWII. Stacy comes from a line of hard-working professionals, teachers, farmers, and truck drivers. 

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Stacy belongs to organizations that strive to promote public access and preserve private property rights. She is a small business owner that serves Sweetwater County and has lived in both Rock Springs and Green River. She is a proponent of extractive minerals and all the industries that keep our citizens employed.

“I am running because I believe we need a strong voice at the state level for Sweetwater County.” Jones said. “I know that in order to accomplish goals for our county and state, we need to work well with others. This is not a fight, but a collaboration to achieve results for Sweetwater County.”