Summiting Your Mountain — Eric Aanerud and Dave Tanner (Ep. 8)

Summiting Your Mountain — Eric Aanerud and Dave Tanner (Ep. 8)

Dave Tanner (left) and Eric Aanerud (right) pose for a picture after climbing Mount Washakie in the Wind Rivers. Photo courtesy of Eric Aanerud.

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Eric Aanerud and Dave Tanner are obsessed with the outdoors. In order to feed this obsession, both have turned to trail running as a way to satisfy their appetites. Throughout the last two years, their experiences running in unknown territory has strengthened their friendship.

Aanerud and Tanner join the Beyond the Game Podcast to chat about their extreme outdoor adventures that have given them a unique perspective on life. From a bear encounter to summiting three peaks in one day, there isn’t any adventure too challenging. The duo share their deep feelings for Wyoming’s beauty and what they have learned during their runs.

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Seeking out a challenge is at the heart of what these two best of friends do. Whether great or small, find your mountain and take the challenge to summit it.

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