[VIDEO] #TryWY: Rest & Recover with Soul Studio’s New Dream Pod


Welcome to our new series, TryWY.

We feel fortunate to live in a state that offers such a diverse range of products and activities, so I’m trying some of them out and letting you know what we think you should try in WY.

To keep your mind and body performing their very best, it’s widely suggested that you find yourself a way to relax.

Soul Studio in Green River brings flotation therapy to Sweetwater County, a simple and effective way to meet your relaxation and recovery needs.

What is a Dream Pod?

Simply put the pod is a large tank filled with 1000 lbs. of Epsom salt suspended in roughly 300 gallons of body-temperature water.

One worry I had about floating was thinking that I would be in a small, confined space, but that wasn’t the case at all.

The tank is spacious enough to crouch or stand in. It allowed me to move freely and never gave me that trapped-in-a-box feeling that I was afraid of.

Although the point of floating is to shut off your senses to better relax, the experience is customizeable to what works for you and if colored lighting and music relaxes you, the Dream Pod has you covered.

How is the Pod Maintained?

When you book your float, keep in mind that Soul Studio suggests that you allow at least an additional hour in your schedule to complete the entire experience.

This is because in order to keep the tank clean and functioning, all floaters are required to shower before starting their float.

(For your convenience a shower is located in the same room as the pod so that you can enter and exit in complete privacy.)

Additionally, the Soul Studio team works around the clock each day to maintain their extensive filtration system and strict cleaning regimen. Keeping both you and the pod squeaky clean.

What to do during your float

The short answer: It’s up to you.

Some people prefer keeping their arms at their side, some people prefer them floating above their head.

Some people prefer music and light, some people don’t.

Some people prefer spinning in circles and whistling for the duration of their float.

Jen, the pod manager, made it very clear that whatever makes you comfortable and helps you to relax is what you should do.

Trying it Out

After showering in my private room, I was ready to start my float.

I stepped into the pod and made sure that the lights and music settings were to my liking and closed the lid.

Almost immediately, I was off of my feet and floating on my back. Per Jen’s suggestion I started to play around a bit. (Being weightless is actually really fun.)

I drifted back and forth, pinging from one end to the other to get a feel for what I could do in the pod.

After about 15 minutes,  I raised my arms above my head, closed my eyes, and focused on breathing and enjoying the experience.

Although I had been warned that some people are able to relax to the point of falling asleep,  I was certain that I was not one of those people. Even when I lay down with the intention of falling asleep, I usually end up daydreaming, outfit planning, or list making for at least an hour before I’m able to completely pass out.

Imagine my complete shock when I awoke 45 minutes later to a calm voice coming through the pod’s speaker, letting me know that my float had ended.

I had relaxed so completely that I sprang up shaking at the sound of the voice.

Not only had I fallen asleep, I had reached that amazing “sleep-through-your-alarm because it feels that good” state.

After realizing where I was and what had happened, I took my post float shower and reluctantly said goodbye to the pod.

Benefits of Floating

  • Pain Relief
  • Muscle Recovery
  • Total Relaxation
  • Reduced Stress
  • Improved Skin
  • Healthy Hair

How to Prepare

  • Hydrate
  • Minimize Caffeine Intake for 24 hours Prior
  • Remove all Makeup (or bring something to do so)
  • Allocate Time to Shower/Change

One thing Jen suggested was to pay close attention to my body before, during, and after my float.

Pre-float: Almost my entire body was sore.

Mid-float: Most of my body was completely relaxed and the only tension/discomfort I could feel was in my lower back. (According to Jen, the parts that don’t relax as much are the parts that need the float most.)

Post float: I felt an overall sense of relaxation. The soreness throughout my body was not nearly as apparent and I felt like I had been through the equivalent of an entire day at the spa in just 60 min.

Why Try It?

It can be hard to relax. It’s easy to float.

The float experience is different for everyone and what it does for one person may not be the same for another.

The best thing is that floating doesn’t require a specific skill. It doesn’t require a day full of appointments. It just requires you to be still and float.

I was told that the worst thing that could happen during my float was getting salt in my eyes (didn’t happen).

With benefits like improved clarity, clearer skin, healthier hair, reduced anxiety, and pain relief, it’s safe to say that the rewards outweigh the risks when it comes to flotation therapy.

Our busy lives are ever-changing and finding something that benefits your physical or mental health is valuable.

by, Lindsay Malicoate
Content Specialist // Adventurer
// Skilled Air Guitarist

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