When The Saints Go Marching In

When The Saints Go Marching In

Justine King's photo album is a little burned on the outside, but some of the important things remain intact.

Sometimes, life has a weird way of helping you out when you least expect it.

Or maybe, there are just good samaritans all around us.

That was the case this afternoon, when a group of volunteers came to the rescue of a family displaced when their residence caught fire Sunday evening.

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Fire crews arrived on the scene at 507 Bridger Avenue just before 6 p.m. last night when a garage behind the main house caught fire and spread to the roof of the home.

Justine King, her mother and two dogs were in the house when the fire started.

“I heard some popping noises and didn’t pay much attention at first because cars backfire on this road all the time, and that’s what it sounded like,” King said.

“About 3 minutes went past and I heard pop, pop, pop and I said ‘what is that noise?'”

King looked out the back window at the top of the stairs to find the garage engulfed in flames.

Volunteers arrived en masse to help the King family remove furniture and other items.

She quickly got her mother and pets out of the house, but black smoke began covering the sky all the way down Bridger Avenue.

Fire eventually reached the roof of the house and two other garages on Bridger and Soulsby Avenues causing considerable damage before it could be contained.

When news of the fire reached Rock Springs resident Sonya Gallegos, she knew just who to call.

“I contacted some friends of mine today, the Unknown Saints, and they went right over to help,” Gallegos said.

The Unknown Saints, along with other volunteers, is a local motorcycle group working at the residence this afternoon removing furniture and assisting the family with food and finding new shelter.

“(Sonya) reached out to me and said she would reach out to some people and see if they would come help us with whatever we needed,” said King.

“We just spoke on the phone, and I didn’t know that she actually did that. So that’s just really wonderful.”

For the time being, King and her family are staying in a motel as they look for a new place to live, she said.

Fire officials continue to investigate the cause of the incident.