New Justice Center Gets Groundbreaking Date

New Justice Center Gets Groundbreaking Date
The new Sweetwater County Justice Center will be joined with the Sweetwater County Detention Center.

SWEETWATER COUNTY – The new Sweetwater County Justice Center continued to move forward as the Sweetwater County Commissioners approved special inspection and quality assurance firms for the project. They also set a groundbreaking for the project.

The first talk of the project was to set a groundbreaking for the project. Commission Chairman Wally Johnson has said several times in the past that this project is one which will define the current commission and felt it was important that all five commissioners are present for the ceremony. Johnson also extended an invitation to former county commissioner Gary Bailiff, who was involved in the early stages of the project.

After checking schedules, the commission set a groundbreaking date of May 4 at 10 a.m.

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EDA Architects submitted recommendations for the special inspection and quality assurance firms they felt would be best for the project.

A request for proposals was sent out and seven firms returned bids. They included JFC, Dowl, Inberg Miller Engineering, West Coast Code Consultants, Indigo American and Western Engineers and Geologists. Due to the many different items the project deals with including steel, concrete, electrical and so forth, EDA recommended approving three firms.

EDA said Western Engineers was the best qualified for specifical inspections of steel construction, structural and non-seismic components. For concrete, masonry, soils and similar items, EDA said Inberg Miller was the most qualified.

Finally, West Coast Code Consultants was recommended for certified building inspection review. EDA said event with three firms being recommended, the recommendations are $68,000 under what was budgeted.



Commission Chairman Wally Johnson said he challenged EDA on the recommendation and after speaking with them supported what was proposed. Commissioner Reid West also questioned why no local firms were used.

EDA said of the six that responded to the RFP, three only filled out proposals for all three aspects of the contract. Some just do not have the staff to meet the requirements.

Another example EDA provided to answer West’s question was on the certified building inspection, both Dowl and West Coast have Wyoming experience. It was noted both firm’s inspector’s offices are located in Utah.

EDA said the choice to go with West Coast was based on the fact they have a main inspector and a backup inspection. Dowl did not. It is estimated these inspectors would need to make a site visit at least twice a week and with the extra, West Coast was the best choice.

The commission unanimously approved the three firms for a total of $216,300.