Assessor’s Office Sends Notice of Value to Residents Noting Potential Exemptions

Assessor’s Office Sends Notice of Value to Residents Noting Potential Exemptions

Sweetwater County Assessor Dave Divis. File photo.

ROCK SPRINGS – Residents can expect to find their 2024 Notice of Value in the mail sometime in the next few days, according to Sweetwater County Assessor Dave Divis.

Divis asks residents to review the document. They have a 30-day period from the date mailed to discuss the value listed with Divis’ office and provide additional information assisting in the property value assessment. 

Home values are calculated after the new replacement cost has the depreciation subtracted from it, and the land value and trending for sales are added. The county had the lowest change in residential property values from tax year 2022-2023 in Wyoming, and the local increase was 8.52% compared to a statewide average of 17.91%.

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The Notice of Value has a few changes due to recent legislation. Residents, if applicable, exemption amounts are listed at the bottom left corner of the notice and the resulting tax amount exempted can be found on the bottom right corner. A resident can qualify for multiple exemptions.

Two successful legislative bills add two exemptions. House Bill 4 expands the property tax refund program by adding a second tier to the program which allows more taxpayers to qualify for the program. The application will be available from the Department of Revenue’s website, or from the Assessor’s Office or Treasurer’s Office. A second bill, House Bill 45, provides a residential exception of any increase over 4% of the market value of all residential, single-family structures.

More legislative changes will impact the 2025 tax year. The property tax refund program is still funded for Tax Year 2025. The residential exemption from House Bill 45 will apply to the structure and the associated land. House Bill 3 provides for a long term homeowners exemption for individuals who are 65 years old and have paid property taxes in Wyoming for 25 years. The property needs to be the primary residence and the applicant must reside in the property for eight months of the year. Divis’ office will start the application process later in the year after all the details of the program have been worked out and the actual application created. Also, Senate File 89 will increase the veteran’s exemption from $3,000 to $6,000 with the current application process.

Those who have received the veteran’s exemption and do not see an amount listed in the Exemption portion of the Notice of Value are encouraged to contact the assessor’s office by May 24 to receive the exemption for the 2024 tax year.

Those with questions or concerns about their Notice of Value can feel free to contact Divis’ office. Divis and his staff enjoy speaking with residents about their work and the assessments.