Boar’s Tusk: 2020 Literary Journal by Western Wyoming Community College

Boar’s Tusk: 2020 Literary Journal by Western Wyoming Community College

Matt Henley - Poser

Western Wyoming Community College has decided that it would be a good idea to team up with SweetwaterNow and publish our 2020 literary journal, Boar’s Tusk, online during this time of sheltering in place due to COVID-19.

As we sat at home, we realized that people might like something to read, and that now is a great time to share the journal which is full of the great poetry, stories, essays, photography and art of Sweetwater County residents and Western’s students. We hope that you enjoy something that’s a little different to read or see, and that gives you a break from the drumbeat of the news.

It is the third edition of the revitalized journal since it had closed back in the 1980’s. Jon Howard is the editor in chief, with Brittany Pope as the nonfiction editor—they both did a lot of work in reading through a lot of great submissions and selecting the best work.

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The journal couldn’t have been created without the help of our funders: Sweetwater BOCES, the college’s Cultural Affairs Committee, and the support of our former college President, Dr. Karla Leach, and current President, Dr. Kimberly Dale. English Professor Chris Propst facilitated the Publications class to create Boars Tusk and also did layout work. Kyle Rossetti created the cover and provided endless technical assistance, with Dave Gutierrez creating the inside cover and layout template.

We’ll have a printed version for readers whenever we can get back together again in person.

Thanks to Sweetwater Now for agreeing to be a great online venue for readers!