Construction Upgrades at the Rock Springs Airport

Construction Upgrades at the Rock Springs Airport

Upgrading this historic hanger from the previous airport (now at the new airport} is one of the future projects.

The Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport is making many improvement so residents can enjoy the benefits of using our local airport rather than dealing with the hassle of driving to another one. Construction upgrades are some of those changes.


Construction Upgrades

A continuing focus at the airport is expansion and construction upgrades. Recently, the airport finished upgrading the water system which the new airport manager, Devon Brubaker, said is huge moving forward. They can now look at things like adding more hanger space and other economic development projects.

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Construction Improvements at the Rock Springs Sweetwater County Airport
The upgraded water system at the airport will allow for future expansion.

Before Brubaker, previous management completed a master plan study. While the plan provides guidelines and a good framework, Brubaker brings a new set of eyes to future construction projects. “We are reconfiguring the capital improvement plan,” he said.

The main focus will be on the general aviation side to improve business. Much of the airport’s infrastructure was built around 1940 when they moved the old hanger to the current location. The old infrastructure is not cost effective or environmentally friendly. Upgrading infrastructure will go a long way to improve business, provide better service, be more cost effective and environmentally friendly.

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