County to Receive Impact Funds from ExxonMobil Carbon Capture Project


SWEETWATER COUNTY– ExxonMobil has received a Wyoming Industrial Siting Permit to build and operate a carbon capture project in which both Sweewater County and Lincoln Counties will receive impact funds.

The ExxonMobil LaBarge Carbon Capture Project includes an expansion of the existing Shute Creek Processing Facility in Lincoln County, and the adjacent Carbon Dioxide Compression Facility in Sweetwater County. The facility is located about 33 miles northeast of Kemmerer.

According to Eric Bingham, Sweetwater County Land Use Director, the total impact funds available to the two counties is over $3 million total. The two counties discussed the impact funds and settled on some amounts each county will receive.

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Sweetwater County will receive $1,515,356 in impact funds.

This money will be split among the county entities and impacted cities as follows:

  • Sweetwater County Entities (such as the Sweetwater County Sheriff’s Office and the Sweetwater County Fire Department):
    • $903,348
  • Rock Springs:
    • $328,561
  • Green River:
    • $160,685
  • Granger:
    • $122,762

In order to receive the impact funds, each effective party must sign an MOU agreeing to the decided amounts.

The ExxonMobil LaBarge Carbon Capture Project MOU is between the Sweetwater County Board of Commissioners and Lincoln County, LaBarge, Kemmerer, Diamondville, Opal, Cokeville, Rock Springs, Green River, and Granger.

Bingham said the deadline for the MOU is February 14, so each party must have it signed by then. To ensure it gets signed in time, each Sweetwater County entity was seeing this agenda item on Tuesday.

The commissioners, Green River City Council, Rock Springs Springs City Council, and the Town of Granger all approved and signed the MOU on Tuesday.

If the MOU is not signed by each party, the Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) would then decide where the impact funds go and would set the amounts.

According to Bingham, the impact funds should be available on April 9.