Downtown Rock Springs Receives Grant for Winter Project

Downtown Rock Springs Receives Grant for Winter Project

The WCF grant will be used to enhance winter projects in downtown Rock Springs.

ROCK SPRINGS — The Wyoming Community Foundation awarded the Rock Springs Main Street/Urban Renewal Agency a grant to help support the next winter project.

“We are so thankful that the Wyoming Community Foundation supports our initiatives, especially during COVID,” Manager Chad Banks said. “This grant will allow us to enhance our community.”

The project will involve local artists and their works and “we anticipate this project becoming a beloved family tradition with more added each year,” Banks said.

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According to Banks, the purpose of this seasonal project is to encourage locals and visitors to “embrace winter.”

“All too often, we huddle inside and complain about the cold,” he mentioned. “We’d like to change that mindset to a more celebratory attitude about winter.”

The display will be available for all to enjoy by winter 2022. This new attraction will turn the darkest and often most dreaded part of the year to the brightest and most anticipated season for all, according to a URA press release.

More information about the seasonal project will be available soon. The Wyoming Community Foundation is a nonprofit organization that works with donors to support the charitable causes they care most about. In 2019, the Wyoming Community Foundation granted over $11 million
dollars to charitable causes across the state. For information, call 307-721-8300 or visit their website at