Flack Friday: The Final Four Teams, NBA Hot Takes and Playoff Football

Flack Friday: The Final Four Teams, NBA Hot Takes and Playoff Football

Photo Credit: Keith Allison https://www.flickr.com/photos/keithallison/22628906367

Last week I proposed eight teams I believe have the capability to make a Super Bowl run. I gave my first four teams in last week’s column (New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Pittsburgh Steelers and Los Angeles Chargers).

Here are my last four:


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Kansas City Chiefs

Despite having one of the worst run defenses I have seen, the Chiefs make up for it on the offensive side of the ball. Patrick Mahomes is having an MVP-like season and with the duo of Mahomes and Andy Reid, the Chiefs are just flat out fun to watch as a football fan. As long as Kansas City can score like they have proven in the first seven weeks, they are one of my Super Bowl favorites.

Los Angeles Rams

Just like the Chiefs, the Rams are full of weapons. Head coach Sean McVay has brilliantly put this team together and groomed Jared Goff into a franchise quarterback. Los Angeles has had a few close games this season, but when the playoffs hit, this team will be one of the favorites to beat, just like the Chiefs

New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees is playing like he’s at the prime of his career and the Saints have a legitimate shot to win the Super Bowl. New Orleans is even telling us they are serious this year. They just traded for Eli Apple to beef up the secondary and gave up two draft picks for him. I also would argue that the Saints’ running game is starting to look like it did last year. Mark Ingram recently came back from a suspension and Alvin Kamara has been outstanding. Besides the Falcons who tend to flake out every year and the Panthers who look decent, you have to confide in Brees and the Saints.

Minnesota Vikings

The Vikings came up short last year and I believe they upgraded at the quarterback this year by signing Kirk Cousins. Minnesota is a well-rounded team with a lot of talent at the wideout position. I honestly don’t see Green Bay, Detroit or Chicago putting together enough to win the division. The Packers are a one-man team with Aaron Rodgers and the other two I just can’t bring myself to trust quite yet. If the Vikings expect to make it to the Super Bowl, I do think they will have to improve in the running game to compliment Cousins in the long run. I don’t love the Vikings, but I respect them.

NBA Hot Takes

We’ve enjoyed a few weeks of NBA basketball. I’ve had a few thoughts regarding the league. Here are a few:

The Utah Jazz don’t need Donovan Mitchell to be a star. If you’ve watched any of the Jazz this season, it’s been made clear that the Jazz are quite content with having a solid roster rather than a few stars. What’s been impressed upon my mind is that Utah doesn’t need Mitchell to be a guy who posts 30 points a night. Utah has been built to rely on the whole team collectively instead of a single player.

LeBron’s move to Los Angeles has been covered in depth throughout the offseason. On the flip side of LeBron’s move, has anyone heard anything about the Cleveland Cavaliers? For a team that has dominated the East, it sure is quiet in LeBron’s old stomping grounds. The post-LeBron era has begun for the Cavaliers and so far it looks like it might be back to being irrelevant. Who would’ve thought the Cleveland Browns would be the talk of the town?

One last thought I had from what games I have watched is the fact that Carmelo Anthony needs to retire. The fact that the Rockets have sacrificed a roster spot for him is mind blowing to me. If he couldn’t play well with Paul George and Russell Westbrook in Oklahoma City, then where will he play well? Stop the nonsense and somebody make him retire. Please.

High School Football Playoffs

Today marks the first round of high school football playoffs in Wyoming. I made my predictions in previous weeks, and I figured this would be a perfect platform to remind you about two matchups to keep an eye on throughout today’s games.

In 4A, Laramie and Cheyenne East will play each other. East is the favorite, but I think Laramie can make it a close game. The Plainsmen proved to be able to score points as they had several big games in the regular season. However, Laramie didn’t win a single road game. I do believe it will be one of the better games in 4A this week.

Evanston and Torrington haven’t met since 1985 in the state championship game. Torrington was the only undefeated team in 3A this season. Evanston was in the middle of the pack with a 5-3 record. The Red Devils have all the necessary weapons to upset Torrington. It should make for an exciting game.

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