Four Killed in Another Plane Crash in Lincoln County

Four Killed in Another Plane Crash in Lincoln County

ALPINE – Four people, two confirmed from Idaho, were killed in a plane crash near Alpine on Sunday.

Officials from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office and other local emergency responders received a 911 call reporting the crash Sunday afternoon. This is the fifth airplane crash in Star Valley in the past year. Four of which resulted in fatalities.

Media outlets in Idaho are reporting Dave Anderson and his wife Jessica died in the crash. Anderson is a sales director at Andersen Hitches in Idaho Falls. According to reports, a dentist and his wife were also killed in the crash.
Other details are expected to be released later on Monday.

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The recent plane crashes in Lincoln County started on March 13 of 2015, when a small plane flipped at the local airport. There were no injuries. Later in July, two were killed making a candy drop for a local church group.

In October, an Oklahoma man was killed in a crash near Palisades Reservoir, and again on Jan. 4, two more were killed in another crash near the reservoir.