Green River Recreation Center Evacuated Following Complaints

Green River Recreation Center Evacuated Following Complaints

The Green River Recreation Center gym was temporarily evacuated last night following complaints of difficulty breathing from kids and parents.

GREEN RIVER —  Parents and children had to be evacuated from the Green River Recreation Center last evening after complaints were made about difficulty breathing.

According to information provided by the Recreation Center, at approximately 6:45 p.m. last night staff evacuated the gymnasium during a youth indoor soccer game when several players and parents complained of coughing or upper respiratory issues.

The gym was evacuated to allow for further testing by the fire department. Green River Police and Fire services then searched and cleared the building.

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The incident was localized to the gymnasium, according the Rec Center. Dominion Energy was also called and detected no gas leaks or issues inside or near the facility.

The Green River Fire Department conducted air quality tests with Multi-Gas Meters and reading results showed no hazardous substances detected.

Once determined safe, the facility was reopened at approximately 9:00pm. At this time there is no indication of criminal activity.

Recreation Center Administration asks that anyone with information about the incident contact the Green River Police Department (307-872-0555) or Public Relations at the City of Green River (307-872-6131).