Community Involvement and Training at the Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport

Community Involvement and Training at the Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport

Sky crane chopper used in fighting fires refueling at the Rock Springs Airport.

The Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport is making many improvement so residents can enjoy the benefits of using our local airport rather than dealing with the hassle of driving to another one. Industry leading training and community involvement are some of those changes.


Community Involvement

To boost business and support for the local airport, the new airport manager Devon Brubaker plans on being active in the community. He wants to help residents understand what a valuable asset the airport is to the county.

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Activity in the community provides much needed education on the advantages of using the local airport instead of driving to another airport. The advantages outweigh the drawbacks in many ways including time and money. “Community Outreach is really a grass-root effort,” Brubaker said. “It doesn’t cost anything and is very productive.”

By making these changes, Brubaker hopes to move the airport to be much more self-sustaining. The best four month stretch in fuel sales on record may be an indication that community outreach is working.


Airport Safety

Airport safety is Brubaker’s top priority. “Every time a plane lands, we have someone’s life in our hands whether it is three people or 30,” he said.

Recently, under Brubaker, the airport was awarded $700,000 in Federal Aviation Administration grant funds and $28,000 in Wyoming Department of Transportation grant funds for runway improvements.

Brubaker said the board and employees have done a good job maintaining a safe atmosphere at the airport. To provide continued safety, employees will receive up-to-date, industry leading training.

Brubaker hopes to use his knowledge and experience to move the airport into the future. The airport’s proactive board and employees are up to the challenge.

The most important aspect of moving forward is community support of the local airport. “There are many, many great things in store for the Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport.”

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