Public Invited to Health Equity Art Reception

Public Invited to Health Equity Art Reception

ROCK SPRINGS — Casper’s ART 321 has a traveling exhibit that will be opening at the Community Fine Arts Center (CFAC) on Wednesday, July 20, at 5 pm. “Health Equity Today & Tomorrow” was an open call to queer artists and artists of color who expressed their thoughts, concerns, and experiences concerning health care.

“Being able to voice their thoughts via the visual arts provides a safe place for those individuals who might not feel supported in our communities,” CFAC Director Debora Soule’ said. “The Arts are for everyone, and is needed by everyone. It supports emotional and mental health, which in turn leads to better physical health.

“We share in the school tours that art can have many purposes and inspiration comes from many sources. Being able to give these artists a venue on such an important subject is helping all of us to learn and understand social concerns in Wyoming.”

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The public is invited to the reception on Wednesday and visitors will be able to visit with the exhibit coordinator and ART 321 director, Tyler Cessor.