Rocky Mountain Power Makes Generous Donation to Kari’s Access Awards

Rocky Mountain Power Makes Generous Donation to Kari’s Access Awards

Pictured (L to R) Mark Rubich (Sweetwater One Foundation Board Member), Ron Wild (Rocky Mountain Power), Sherry Bowles (SCSD #1 Accountant) and Larry Fusselman (Kari’s Access Awards Founder).

ROCK SPRINGS — Rocky Mountain Power made a generous donation of $1,000 to Kari’s Access Awards this week, helping the endowment fund enrich the lives of our area youth through non-traditional scholarships.

“Kari’s Access Awards Committee Members thank Rocky Mountain Power for the generous donation and ongoing support shown throughout the years,” said Kari’s Access Awards Founder Larry Fusselman.

Kari’s Access Awards, an Endowment Fund within the Sweetwater One Public School Foundation was established in 2006 in memory of Kari (Kay) Fusselman, a former student at Westridge Elementary, White Mountain Junior High and Rock Springs High School.

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Kari’s Access has gifted non-traditional scholarships to more than 450 students of Sweetwater County School District #1.

The Fund’s focus is in helping individual School District #1 Students (K-12) access non-traditional scholarships that give students the opportunity to participate in outside activities that will enhance learning and personal growth.

Kari’s Access Awards is designed to open new opportunities for individual students to help bring out the best of each student “One Child At A Time”!