Sheriff Grossnickle Addresses COVID-19 Concerns

Sheriff Grossnickle Addresses COVID-19 Concerns

Sweetwater County Sheriff John Grossnickle shares his thoughts with the community during these trying times.

SWEETWATER COUNTY — Sweetwater County Sheriff John Grossnickle released a statement this afternoon addressing the many concerns shared by the public during this unprecedented time in our state, country and world.

Here is the full statement:

“As a lifelong Wyoming resident, a local elected official and fellow member of this community, I take great pride in the shared values ingrained in each of us as stewards of this great State and denizens of our communities. Sweetwater County is well-known as an incredibly giving and caring community. During good times and challenging times alike, we always seem to come together as a community to ensure that these values remain uncompromised.”

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“With that said, I encourage everyone to approach this unique time of need by reacting appropriately only to information that we know, and not overreacting to anything based on speculation or what we do not yet know about what this unprecedented and evolving situation means for our community. While I certainly understand and appreciate our need to be prepared (which is another trait that has been instilled in all of us for generations), this desire and our personal preparation should not overshadow nor does it supersede the care, compassion and respect we should extend to one another as fellow neighbors.”

“As Wyomingites, we are an independent, savvy, resilient and common-sense people who have a long and storied tradition of caring for one another and putting others before ourselves. In this time of uncertainty, please remain vigilant in following the recommendations set forth by those who are working tirelessly and thanklessly to slow the current spread of this and other communicable diseases.”

“Please use prudence in protecting those among us who are at high-risk of infection. Be prepared, but remember there are others in need and do not take more for yourself than necessary. Focus on facts, and be weary of spreading or repeating questionable information from dubious sources.”

“We are stronger as a team, and the best way to face any challenge is by working together. I am humbled and honored to represent and serve the citizens of Sweetwater County, and it is my sincerest hope that we will continue to work together moving forward to adapt and overcome whatever the obstacle. By maintaining our values there is no doubt that, after this challenge has passed, we will all be stronger and more united than ever.”