TRN Media’s Erick Pauley Honored at 64th NSMA Awards Banquet

TRN Media’s Erick Pauley Honored at 64th NSMA Awards Banquet

Erick Pauley poses for a photo with Joe Buck of ESPN at the 64th NSMA Awards Banquet. Photos courtesy of Erick Pauley

GREENSBORO, NC — TRN Media’s very own Erick Pauley was among the winners who attended the 64th National Sports Media Association’s Awards Weekend & National Convention in Greensboro, North Carolina this past weekend.

Pauley won his second National Sports Media Association (NSMA) Sportscaster of the Year award this January, and it was his third time being nominated as a Wyoming state finalist. He won the award in 2018 and became the youngest to do so in Wyoming at the age of 31.

This year, Pauley won the award for his work with TRN Media as the Green River Wolves’ play-by-play broadcaster and his work with the Cowboy Sports Network/Learfield as the sideline reporter for the Pokes. The award is voted on by the NSMA membership.

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“I’m just humbled and honored that my fellow Wyoming Sportscasters and Writers think enough of me to give me this award and allow me to represent Wyoming on the national stage for a second time,” Pauley said of winning this award. “My wife also deserves a ton of credit, she is home with our two young girls many a weekend. I drive six hours every Saturday just to get to Laramie and back, she goes above and beyond to help me chase the dream.”

Pauley also wanted to thank TRN Media for making it possible to continue covering the Cowboys while maintaining coverage of the Wolves, and his coworkers for helping out where necessary to allow him to be on the sidelines for Pokes football.

Erick Pauley with Bob Ryan with The Boston Globe.

Pauley has been a member of the Wyoming Cowboys’ broadcasting team for three years. Throughout his 12 year career in broadcasting, he has earned 22 awards for his play-by-play and sports coverage. He has also won back-to-back Wyoming Association of Broadcasters Best Play-by-Play Awards.

Pauley was born in Morgantown, West Virginia before he moved to Green River in the fourth grade. In high school, he played football for the Green River Wolves. He helped lead the Wolves to the 2004 state championship. He then won the Gatorade Player of the Year in 2005 before going to play college football for the Wyoming Cowboys. It has been a dream of Pauley’s to be a part of the broadcasting crew for the Wyoming Cowboys.

Pauley receives his award at the 64th NSMA Awards Banquet. Video courtesy of NSMA

The NSMA Awards Banquet not only recognizes sportscasters and writers across the nation, but also honors a class of hall of famers. The Hall of Fame Class of 2024 includes sportscasters Joe Buck and Andrea Kremer, and sportswriter Jayson Stark, along with posthumous selections Tim McCarver and Roger Kahn.

When talking about what exactly takes place at the awards banquet, Pauley said: “Networking.”

“You get one-on-one face time with the men and women who are at the pinnacle of our profession, making seven figures covering the biggest events on the planet, and they still take the time, real time—20 to 30 minutes—to talk to you about your career, give advice on how to get where you want to go. Everyone is so selfless with their time. It’s crazy having NBA and NFL broadcasters give you their phone number to help at any given time,” Pauley said.

Pauley belongs a long list—and an iconic one, at that—of Wyoming sportscasters to win this award, dating back to 1959. When winning his first award, he was the only person there who was calling only high school games. Now, he’s added the Pokes, and winning this award for a second time only gives him a stronger drive to keep up his work in broadcasting.

Pauley with Wes Durham with the Atlanta Falcons.

“You know frankly, the first time I won in 2018 I felt a bit of imposter syndrome being there. At the time I was the only winner there who was just calling high school games. This time around I got to reconnect with a lot of people I networked with in 2018, and they were all so excited for me that I’d landed a Division 1 job with Wyoming,” Pauley said. “I’ve made real lifelong friends in the two trips I’ve made there, and the experience makes me want to keep grinding to be in the booth.”