Walnut Elementary will participate in Great Kindess Challenge next week


ROCK SPRINGS – For several years, school districts across the Nation have worked hard to bring awareness to the problem of bullying in schools. Next week, Walnut Elementary will bring awareness to this issue.

Walnut is going to participate in the Great Kindness Challenge next week. The challenge is a proactive, positive bullying prevention initiative that improves school climate and student involvement. It is one week devoted to performing as many acts of kindness as possible.

The school will be using a checklist of 50 kind acts that students will get Monday. Students are encouraged to accomplish the 50 acts on campus and are encouraged to share the kindness at home and in the community.

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Schedule of Activities Next Week

Monday: Great Kindness Kick-off (hand out GKC sheets)
Tuesday: Team Kindness (wear sports gear)
Wednesday: Ride the Waves of Kindness (Beach/Surfer Attire – school appropriate)
Thursday: Global Kindness (international clothing)
Friday: Kindness is the Squirrel Way (Spirit wear)