WATCH: Local Kids Turn Gloomy Days for Seniors into Messages of Hope

What gets us through hard times?


The Boys and Girls Club of Sweetwater County (BGCSC) was the first to respond to the Wyoming First Lady’s call for help in meeting the needs of lonely seniors.

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The Cards for Seniors program was established earlier this year when COVID-19 Coronavirus hit hard in the state of Wyoming. Local kids of all ages at the BGCSC grabbed paper, crayons and envelopes with a mission to send a positive message to an older friend in need around the state.

With a few minor changes to the program, the BGCSC will continue to participate in the program, now teaming up with local senior centers to focus the messages of hope and kindness within the community.

Despite the negative impacts COVID-19 has had, the Cards for Seniors program has been one of the highlights of the pandemic, bringing about a sense of community and compassion in a simple, yet remarkable way.