Wyoming Legislature to Reconvene in Hybrid Format Monday

Wyoming Legislature to Reconvene in Hybrid Format Monday

CHEYENNE — The Wyoming Legislature will reconvene the 2021 General Session on March 1 at 10 am. The remainder of the General Session will be held in a “hybrid” format.

The approach for the March session will still allow remote participation by lawmakers, the public and the Executive Branch. However, many people are participating from the Capitol building. To allow for public access and to keep people safe during the March hybrid session there will be requirements to social distance and to wear masks in public spaces.

To ensure the safest possible experience for those who must participate, Governor Mark Gordon, President of the Senate Dan Dockstader and Speaker of the House Eric Barlow have committed to a joint plan to ensure increased safety for the session.  

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“Our priority is keeping people safe and preventing COVID-19 infections while fulfilling the constitutional functions of the Wyoming Legislature,” said the Governor, President and Speaker.

The Joint Session of the Legislature, including Governor Gordon’s State of the State address and Supreme Court Chief Justice Michael K. Davis’ State of the Judiciary address will take place virtually on March 2 at 10 am. The State of the State and the State of the Judiciary addresses will be streamed live on Wyoming PBS’s YouTube channel.

The public participating in-person during the Session will be required to comply with the public health orders in place at the time, including the use of face coverings when inside the Capitol Complex. The public may also view the proceedings and participate in standing committee meetings remotely by using the “testify” and YouTube links available on the Legislature’s website.

The public can voice their support or opposition to proposed legislation using the Online Hotline. Members
of the public can also sign up to the receive daily meeting and floor calendars through the Legislature’s email subscription service. To sign up, click on the “GovDelivery” link located at the top of the homepage at www.wyoleg.gov.

For a complete list of all the 2021 General Session bills, updated protocols for attending session, and
information about the legislative process, please visit the Legislature’s Website.

While details could change, the following steps were agreed to by the Governor, the Senate President and the Speaker of the House will include:

  • The Governor will direct all Executive Branch employees to participate in the legislative process virtually.
  • Both branches agree to continue the preference of virtual meetings between branches. If an in-person meeting must be held, COVID-19 safety protocols will be followed.
  • Legislative bodies will limit the number of non-legislator presentations on the floors of the House and Senate.
  • The Legislature will take precautions in its physical environment. These precautions will include the following direction:
  1. Do not attend in-person if you are feeling ill, or believe you have had recent COVID exposure.
  2. Mask usage by legislative members is required in legislative spaces unless the member is seated at their desk or when proper social distancing can be maintained.
  3. Masks are required in other parts of the Capitol per state health orders.
  4. Mask usage is required for the public in legislative spaces. 
  5. Social distancing will be required in all committee rooms, galleries and hallways. 
  6. Hand sanitizer, masks and temperature scanners will be placed throughout the Capitol Complex. 
  • The public participating in-person during the session will be required to comply with public health orders in place at the time of the session.
  • The Legislature and the Governor will make every effort to ensure robust public engagement be allowed by virtual means. All legislative meetings will be broadcast online and include a feature allowing public comment remotely.
  • Legislative staff members who are not able to perform their work responsibilities virtually will have the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Members of the Wyoming Legislature will have the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine to ensure equal representation for all citizens of Wyoming.
  • Capitol building custodians, who are unable to perform their work responsibilities without their physical presence in the Capitol Building, will have the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine. No other Executive Branch employee will receive the vaccine through this plan, as their participation will be accommodated through virtual means.
  • A limited number of frontline journalists who cover the state Capitol in-person on a regular basis will have the opportunity to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.
  • This strategy requires fewer than 100 vaccines.